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    Can you deliver to all countries?

    Yes, Durbin frequently ships to over 180 countries across the globe. Our specialised logistics team ensure that all local regulations and requirements are adhered to.

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    Do you have Regulatory expertise?

    Yes, Durbin has extensive regulatory experience built up over 50 years as a specialist pharmaceutical supplier. Durbin’s Quality Assurance team is headed up by 3 Responsible Persons and backed up by a team of technical advisors and qualified pharmacists.

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    Do you have Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance expertise?

    Yes, Durbin can offer Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance services with full monitoring of product and procedures in place for recalls if necessary. Please contact us for more information about our procedures.

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    Do you have the ability to produce reports?

    Yes, Durbin has a customised reporting system which can produce reports to suit your individual requirements.

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